What's the craic?!

Welcome to disndat. An eclectic Irish pub located on Dame Court, right in the heart of Dublin City Centre.

With sensational live music, a state-of-the-art soundsystem, board games, fresh pizza from Pi, plus the best pints, cocktails, and toasties around (we think so anyway), we are a modern take on the traditional Irish pub that caters to all.

By day, disndat unfolds as a quintessential Irish pub with an atmosphere as cosy as your favourite woolly jumper, where the welcoming ambiance and friendly chatter create a haven for locals and visitors alike. Enjoy the camaraderie over a pint, surrounded by the familiar warmth of an Irish pub with pre-loved furniture and quirky decor.

As the sun sets and the lights go down, disndat takes on a mischievous glow. The cocktails flow faster, the singing gets louder, and our lively atmosphere sets the stage for nights filled with unforgettable moments.

And we're not just a pretty face... our deadly staff will make sure that your drink stays topped up and your smile remains firmly in place.

Every night of the week, disndat transforms into a lively musical hub. At 6pm, our stage comes alive with the sounds of talented musicians, providing the perfect foundation for indelible evenings filled with laughter and singing.

Come on, be part of the craic!